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Hi Ya'all!
We here at CheapGunParts.com appreciates your business!

We are a company based in Mobile Alabama, Owned and operated by the Martin Family.
We promise we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

We are Open Monday Thru Friday from 9am - 4pm, but our computer ordering system runs 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Any order you complete by 7pm our time, will be shipped and on its way by 7am the next morning, every weekday....No Bull!

Please see our shipping info area for shipping details
While we usually have every item we offer in stock, we can sometimes be hit with unforeseen delays in the receiving and ordering of certain items ( usually only high priced items that we stock in smaller quantities.) If an item is listed as "Out of Stock", this is a very temporary situation at best and we will be happy to accept your order via an email at armedamerica@comcast.net. We can then let you know when the item returns to stock. If an item requires a couple of days setup (like Kidd Trigger Systems or Scopes) we will let you know in the listing. We will do almost anything to make sure you are 100% pleased with your purchase.

Remember, we operate a help site at Ruger22.Com that can show you how to install almost any part we sell, and we are the only dealer to offer this free service!

Feel free to stop by our "User Owned" Family Gun forum at GunsAndFun.Com

If you ever have a question OR a problem, please contact ME via email directly at ruger22@comcast.net

Unhappy customers?
WE DO NOT allow it!

M. Martin - President


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